School year at the moment: 12

GCSE grades:

RE- A*, Business- A, History- A, Science- A, Welsh- A, DT-A, English- B, Maths-C.

What AS subjects are you studying?

Business, Psychology and RE

What aspects of your Business Studies course have you found useful in your more recent studies / work life?

“Business has helped prepare me for interviews and understanding of jobs whilst applying for jobs, I had knowledge of the job description and person specification and knew the differences, also the do’s and don’ts of interviews.”           

Why do you think Business Studies is a good option to choose at GCSE?

“Business studies benefits you in every way in society, it gives you knowledge and understanding of what’s happening in your local area, it prepares you for your future.”

Why did you choose to study Business Studies at AS / A2?

I’m interested in the understanding of how businesses are set up and how the factors of the business such as cost and location are key for success.”

What is the most demanding / difficult element of Business Studies?

“The amount of understanding that business studies requires. The most difficult element of business for me is elasticity of demand, maths at times confuses me!”

If you could give any advice to year 9 students thinking of opting for Business Studies, what would it be?

“Most definitely to opt for business studies, it is very interesting and benefits you in life as it gives you understanding of society in aspects. It’s a good GCSE to have and you benefit when getting a job in any business as is shows you have an understanding.”

Finally, what is your most memorable moment from studying Business at Y Pant?

“Support from my teacher, Miss Gavaghan, and her encouragement when work is difficult.”