School year at the moment: 12

GCSE grades: Business – A, Welsh – A, English- B, Ethics- B, Maths-C

What AS subjects are you studying? 

Business Studies, R.E and Ethics, English Lit and Welsh Bacc.

What aspects of your Business Studies course have you found useful in your more recent studies / work life?

“It has made me understand the world and more in relation to businesses when buying products you look at it a lot differently.”

Why do you think Business Studies is a good option to choose at GCSE?

“Business studies was an extremely good option. It was my favourite subject at GCSE and now AS.”

Why did you choose to study Business Studies at AS / A2?  

“Because it is an extremely interesting subject and because I enjoyed and did well at GCSE.”

What is the most demanding / difficult element of Business Studies?

“Trying to apply the key terms.”

If you could give any advice to year 9 students thinking of opting for Business Studies, what would it be?

“I would tell them to take business as it is a very good subject to have.”

Finally, what is your most memorable moment from studying Business at Y Pant?

“When Miss Gavaghan gave us chocolate for a demonstration!”