School year at the moment: 11

What GCSE’s are you studying?  

Business Studies, Computing and Geography

How do you think Business Studies will prepare you for life outside of school?

“It gives me preparation for when I’m older and if I’m interested in starting a business or being situated around one.”

Why do you think Business Studies is a good option to choose at GCSE?

“It’s good because it gives your perspective about how real world businesses operate.”

What is the most demanding / difficult element of Business Studies?

Remembering the structure of some answers and also the numbers side of it.”

If you could give any advice to year 9 students thinking of opting for Business Studies, what would it be?

“Be prepared to work hard to learn new topics.”

Finally, what is your most memorable moment from studying Business at Y Pant?

“The trips we got to go on, I went to Cadburys World and Brussels.”