School year at the moment: 12

GCSE grades:

4 A’s, 6 B’s, 1C , 1D.  I didn’t study Business at GCSE.

What AS subjects are you studying?

Biology, Maths, Business Studies and Welsh Bacc.


Why do you think Business Studies is a good option to choose at GCSE?

Business studies is very fun and interesting and helps you solve problems whether it is related to business or not.


Why did you choose to study Business Studies at AS / A2?

Because it is very interesting.


What is the most demanding / difficult element of Business Studies?

The most difficult element of business is developing answers to get the higher level marks.


If you could give any advice to year 9 students thinking of opting for Business Studies, what would it be?

If you are interested in business take it but if you aren’t then don’t.


Finally, what is your most memorable moment from studying Business at Y Pant?

I enjoyed going on my school trip to Jaguar Landrover to see how the cars were made.